Home of the Rooted Warrior

“When you own the ground beneath you, the body will rise.”

– Aminta St. Onge

For the past 11 years I have been able to guide many thru their  yoga practice using breath, mindfulness and body alignment.  Achieving a mind-body connection and finding stillness amongst chaos affords us balance way past our yoga class time. Observing the immediate impact of how my students respond to ‘place one hand on your belly and one over your heart’ with their eyes closed or ‘press down all four corners of your feet’ makes my heart smile. It has been one of many rewarding moments I’ve witnessed as a yoga teacher.  We all need a place where we can do just that and my classes can be one of those places.

I am teaching 12 classes a week and feel honored to be in the company of such great individuals.  I am truly grateful for the teachers before me every time I begin a class.